Videos for Professional Development

Production Process

Using video to showcase your institution’s best practices, contemporary style and modern teaching standards.

  • 1. Locate

    professors & faculty making a profound impact. What are their techniques?

  • 2. Learn

    their methods, devise a shooting plan that involves a classroom setting.

  • 3. CAPTURE

    organic student reactions. Student voices create the tangible effect of a powerful teaching method.


    these videos with the world, stylized and branded for your unique institution.

“We hired PRCPTION Travel to create several professional development videos for the purpose of spreading examples of classroom best practices across our campus. We could not be more pleased with the excellent video series they have created for our campus. The videos are high energy, professionally edited, and perhaps most important, highly customized and tailored to meet our campus needs. I could not recommend PRCPTION Travel more highly to create inspiring and educational best practices videos for your campus.”Bryan Reece, Vice President of Instruction, Crafton Hills College






Ice Breaking With Stereotypes

A first-day-of-class icebreaker activity, in which students pair off and stare at one another in silence.

Nature Walk

A walk around campus to learn about local flora & fauna and sustainability measures being implemented on campus.

Flexible Syllabus

Be more organic with your students; give them a say in their education.

Participation Review Game

Use review questions to engage students in a cooperative, team-based effort.


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