Unity Primary School Needs Volunteers in Jamaica

This is an invitation to all creative, adventurous, child-loving, young-at-heart, traveling people of the world! Unity Primary school in Trelawny, Jamaica needs volunteers to continue the music, art and creative programs.

Unity Primary School in Trelawny, Jamaica

Miss Pauline Anderson of Unity Primary has been overjoyed with the results of her first volunteer starting the music program (JordanAccordion). The children love him and will be sad to see him go–that is, unless there’s another person to take his place!

It doesn’t take much to teach creative expression to primary school students: an open heart and desire to share in the laughter and joy of the children is often enough. Music, art, dance, sports, and the like are all just expressions of the vibrant creativity alive within each of us, and to have the opportunity to unleash it with rural, jungle countryside schoolchildren is like a dream come true.

Volunteer Teaching Opportunity in Jamaica

Unlike Nepal, there aren’t nearly enough voluntourism opportunities going on in Jamaica. Voluntourism not only aids local people in learning new skills, but also aids foreigners looking for constructive ways to expend their energy–it might be tough living in a Western developed nation sometimes; voluntourism is a way to leave the fear behind and embrace the true world.

Volunteer hours translate directly into education for the children, smiles and curiosity for the neighborhood, and overall good juju for the global community at heart. The world is a big place with many resources: if we work towards distributing them equally, there may just be some good stuff in store for the future. This volunteer teaching opportunity in Jamaica is a great start.

Be in touch with questions, comments, concerns, donations

JordanAccordion is also hosting a GoFundMe Campaign to donate his accordion to Unity Primary so he can purchase a new one. Otherwise, please use the form below regarding any sort of volunteer, donation, or other questions.

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