Stevie Emerson’s New Toy

Stevie Emerson has a particularly sparkling and eventful life, waiting around each and every day for the next exciting minute to transpire upon him. Today, that exciting moment was the reception of his new toy.

Stevie Emerson doesn’t take shit from anyone

“A lot of people think iO Hawks are for pussy bitches,” Stevie Emerson informs us. “But these folks are just not in it for the grind. And that’s no way to live.”

Stevie Emerson believes in a beginners’ mindset: every day is an opportunity to learn new lessons and skills, whether its balancing on a hoverboard or building computers.

“EVERYBODY, CALM DOWN!” Stevie Emerson yells to his screaming fans as he opens up this new toy. His inner child begins to leak out and spill everywhere as he slowly (but surely) learns how to use and enjoy this state-of-the-art gizmo.

Toys are the spice of life

The act of play rejuvenates our day-to-day. Romping around on the basketball court at the park with your buddies can be as spiritually cleansing as a satisfying vinyasa class. But as we see here with Stevie Emerson, even the act of simply receiving the package is inspiring enough.

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