Stevie Emerson: Birth of a Comedy Sketch

Stevie Emerson…we all know the name. We offered you a short glimpse into this comedian’s morning routines, which included his Snapchat ritual, as well as his high-quality coffee regiment. But pourquoi? One may ask. To what avail does this ritual benefit our beloved comic?

Birth of a Comedy Sketch

This episode reveals the reasons behind Stevie Emerson’s necessary self-care practices. In the face of the never-ending samsara of a YouTuber’s production, all of the stops must be pulled in order to create humor. But what is it that actually augments the true comedy of a sketch, unearthing the truly hilarious masterpieces of Stevie Emerson’s channel?

Looking into the behind-the-scenes action of the birth of a comedy sketch, we learn that the true comics here are mistakes and mishaps. A flakey actress, a distracting intern, or a unicycle lacking enough air in its tire…all are opportunities uncloaking themselves from behind the prepared plans. This happens to be, in the words of Stevie, “Pretty dope.”

Comedy is all about attitude.

“Now we got a sketch, motherfuckers,” Stevie reports to his team when they finish writing a new scene. His team then awkwardly watches him make ill-mannered love to his protein shake in mid-air.

We are then privileged to see Stevie, cameraman Nicky, and actor Luke on set and in action. Following a small altercation with Luke, as well as inconveniencing about 50 people on the road, a successful and side-splitting video manifests itself. All because Sterby Sterbs surrendered to the will of the Comedy Gods, a true wu wei master. But Mr. Emerson offers us his own definition of comedy:

“That’s what comedy is. It’s risking who you are and your personal safety to get that cheap laugh.”

Wise words from a wise man about the birth of a comedy sketch. Make sure you check out his channel, updated weekly, for the giggles and the #smilelovebubbles.

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