Stevie Emerson’s Morning Ritual

Everyone has a morning ritual. Some practice morning meditation or yoga, while others go for a jog. Yet for comedian Stevie Emerson of Saugus, California, mornings typically involve a choreographed Snapchat routine. After playing around with several different songs, Stevie managed to put together some unexpectedly impressive dance moves and started performing them every single day for his Snapchat audience. This new brand of Snapchat comedy is novel in its effect;  months later, Stevie is still doing it, never missing a morning, regardless of where, when and in which degree of sobriety he awoke. But he’s not the only eager participant in this unique comedic mission.

“People have told me that they look forward to it, and its become a part of their morning routine to watch it,” Stevie reports, following a yawn. “They say they can’t start their day without doing it.”

Stevie Emerson’s behind-the-scenes Snapchat comedy doesn’t stop there, though. After ingesting his morning gains, it’s time for top-of-the-line caffeine. The lucky camera crew follows him to Circle K, where we are privileged to catch a glimpse of the secret to accumulating cheap suburban iced coffee. The liquor store clerks are as excited to see him as his digital followers, namely the ever-positive Kathy, whom Stevie has known since his youth. As he exits, a trail of smiles follows. Fortunately, we weren’t accosted by any waiting fans on our way out.

Whatever we choose to do with our time and energy shapes our perception and creates a way of life. In Stevie’s case, life is comedy (and vice versa). Humor keeps his perception fresh and his attitude present, because each moment is filled with the potential to create and to share laughter with others. #SmileLoveBubbles

Say what you will about his YouTube sketches, but there’s not much to argue about with a guy that dedicates each morning to making people smile as they start their day. Even if he’s having sex with his piano.

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