Simon’s Grassroots Earthquake Relief

Six months into living in Pokhara, Nepal, the devastating earthquake shook social entrepreneur Simon as hard as shook the earth. With a mind for helping communities in need, Simon put up a GoFundMe and launched one of the first grassroots relief efforts in the wake of the disaster. I called him after seeing his flyer in the local coffeeshop, and tagged along as press.

Grassroots Relief For a Quicker Response Rate

While the international NGOs could be compared to a big ship, grassroots relief groups are more comparable to a little speedboat: they get in, they get out. It’s a very efficient process on a small scale; it may not carry the same influence of big and large supplies, but it does enjoy the amenities of having zero red tape and bureacracy to deal with.

@simonthenomad and his team raised $8000US in a matter of days online. That money purchased supplies like food and bottled water, tents and tarps, flashlights and blankets, and three 4×4 jeeps to take into the lands where paved roads do not lead. There was no destination, but Simon knew it when we found it:

95% [of the infrastructure] of this place is damaged, down to the ground. The people are sleeping outside under a big collective tent. This is where we need to be, this is where we will stay.

It truly is a marvelous tale of adventure and community; do read and watch the full story in the #HelpNepal four-part series.

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