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The purpose of this guide is to organize your story & message in such a way that the resulting video is a quick, human, and quality piece of perception. We aim to use your submission to create a 3-minute video with these qualities, so we ask please organize your footage accordingly before submitting.

Finishing Steps

As mentioned, please submit extra files to help tell your story: videos, photos, even PDF documents or audio recordings. This will help us tell your story.

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Getting Started

Thank you for choosing to share your perception!

Before anything, please take a moment to remind yourself why you want to share your story/experience/perspective. What is it you would like to offer the world with this video?

The purpose of this guide is to organize your story & message in such a way that the resulting video is quick, human, and a quality piece of information. For this reason the maximum duration will be 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

Each step asks for approximately 60-90 seconds of video. Because of upload restrictions with Google (100MB max per file), we recommended that you start a new video recording every 40 seconds.

You will need a Google (Gmail) account, in case you don't already. This is so you can upload your footage or submit your completed video to the PRCPTION Travel network database.

Don't worry, it'll get a lot simpler in the coming weeks as we further develop our own platform. 😀

All ready? Move onto the next tab (1: WHO, WHERE?).

Please read our Terms of Service before using.

Step 1: Who, Where, When?

Goal: introduce yourself as a relatable human being to the world.

Introduce yourself, or the organization, (or both).

Where is the subject of your video/story located?

Mention the date, if it’s relevant.

Be sure to present yourself with your greater purpose in mind.

"Why do you offer this service?"

Imagine Uber and Yelp meeting Netflix and Kickstarter. Network the resources you need to share any kind of story, while maintaining integrity and community with your invested audiences.

PRCPTION Travel is creating a peer-to-peer media production platform through which users can create media content, digital experiences, and real-life connections.

Storytelling should be as easy as 1-2-3

Simply organize your footage using our onscreen services,
and our network of video editors does the rest.

  • Who, Where, When?

    Introduce the experience story with basic, relatable human details.

  • What?

    What’s going on in the video? What do others need to be aware of?

  • Why, How?

    Call-to-Action: Why was this video created? How can the viewer participate?

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  • ≤ 5,000 entries
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