SCV Skyhawks Football

Raising awareness about children with cancer through the SCV Skyhawks all started when the head coach of the team saw the devastating effects cancer had on his previous drumming student. Diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, he watched the heartbreak this caused not only to the family but to his student, and he realized that kids fight this battle everyday. He wanted to make a difference.

Being passionate about football, a team was formed called the SCV Skyhawks and would play this all american sport in order to raise funds for the awareness of cancer and treatments, and most importanlty helping children fight this battle with the support of others. Families of Santa Clarita come from all over town to support them and are represented on the sidelines, one of these is Conners mom. She states that her son feels an amazing amount of love when he comes out on this field, and no-one is more excited to see him healthy then the SCV Skyhawks.

When the stadium is packed with screaming fans spreading awareness at football events, this is when the most people are reached and most funds come in. This is a family that anyone can be apart of and most importantly it reaches out to children and families that are fighting against cancer every day. Similar to what occurs on the football field. Spread the love and support this cause by checking out

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