Ryan of GobySavvy: DIGITAL NOMAD

Hearing through Facebook that I would be arriving in NYC during his final two weeks living there, Ryan and I corresponded through e-mail for a few months while I was in India and Nepal. The last I’d heard from my college friend before this was that he was working for NASA after grad school in Los Angeles. Though lately it appeared that he’d taken the digital nomad route, taking his business with him on the road, tucked safely in his laptop bag–“how awesome,” I think to myself, curious as to not only seeing my old friend now but seeing the different elements of his dynamic life these days.

One humid June afternoon, he meets me at a tourist-crammed Central Park with a smoothie and a smile, asks all about how I’ve been. After learning about my life, he tells me about his. His start-up is not only very successful thus far, but the marketing aspect of it all would one day translate to the next generations of human techno-society as we know it:

DSC_0155“It’s the future of technology: ubiquitous computing. One day the interface will have disappeared completely and all that’ll be left is a user’s experience.”

That’s when I know it’s time to make a video of this guy. He’s headed off to Europe indefinitely while he continued driving his User Experience design & consulting company, GobySavvy, from wherever he sets up his computer and USB optical mouse. He buys me a coffee and a sandwich and we marvel at the wonder that is coffeeshop working.

“As a digital nomad, I don’t have an office. So I work in coffeeshops: that’s all I have. When I have a meeting with a client, I meet them at coffeeshops. When I have a Skype meeting, I set up for the meeting in a coffeeshop.”

In the coming days we decide I would help him film a testimonial video. Where do we do plan on doing it? In a coffeeshop–until we realize that the pop 90s mix is just a little too loud and despite being supportive of our low-budget project, the Romanian barista doesn’t feel like turning it down for us would be good for business. So we leave and get creative: the client was part of the fashion industry, why don’t we ask a salon? The testimonial goes great and we spend some time in the park afterwards, reflecting on the state of our society in a world driven by app-programmed technology.

That’s where I’ll cut the background. Enjoy this video that is the product of two digital vagabonds hanging out in Manhattan, New York City.


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