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When you adopt an animal, you’re committing to an animal… to have and to hold, for better or for worse, in sickness or in health. But hopefully, mostly in health. In August 2015, we had the pleasure of visiting Robbie of R&R Pet Lifestyle & Supply pet shop in Simi Valley, California. Robbie opened up this shop 18 months previous with Danny, in hopes of contributing #smilelovebubbles in animal health in Ventura County.

Healthy pet shop in Simi Valley

“If we eat crappy and don’t take care of ourselves, we get sick with diseases. Animals are no different. If we feed our pets with grocery store pet food, they’re gonna get sick.” By providing real and nutritious pet food, Robbie is supplying preventative health care to the dogs and cats of Simi Valley. Quality food means less doggy doctor visits!

In addition to inexpensive and anasthetic-free teeth cleaning for pups, R&R Pets holds pet adoptions every Saturday

“These animals are more than just pets. Having a companion animal means your lifestyle changes, and so does theirs. That’s why its so important to provide your best friends with nutritious food and mindful care.”

Besides being a man of good will toward all furry beings, Robbie is also a jammin’ guitar player. Enjoy his groovy tunes and stop by R&R pet shop next time you’re in Simi Valley.

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