Rainbow Children Home Orphanage

In 2007 the Rainbow Children Home was established in Pokhara, Nepal. This home is an orphanage to support children whose parents don’t have the income resources to send them to school. The Rainbow Home operations include housing, feeding, and schooling the children; these children are cared for with compassion and love and also taught practical skills that they can apply to their lives after the home. Skills in Trekking, working with tourists, handicraft projects and farming are all different projects available to benefit the children, and are taught by experienced men and women who grew up in similar circumstances as the children. The ages of children range from 3-18 and, judging by their smiles, bursts of laughter and vibrant energy, the children are very content šŸ™‚

Rainbow Children Home Trekking

With a sentimental look on his face, the director’s son is able to relate to these kids.

“I got brought up the same way they got brought up, went to the same school they go too.”

He remembers the children when they were little, and has had the opportunity see them grow up and become more skillful. A major aspect of life at the Rainbow Children Home is hands-on activities.

Due to 90% of tourists coming to Nepal, trekking is a great chance for the children to share their culture with new families from all over the world. A trekking office is located in the Rainbow Children Home and provides rafting, paragliding and other fun activities for tourists to enjoy and most importantly, the profit earned goes directly to the Home.

PermacultureĀ  in Pokhara

14km from the Rainbow Children Home lies an Organic Farm, here cows and goats roam the field and the profit from the vegetable farming also benefits the orphanage. Not only does it create awareness in applying permaculture to our societies but it creates employment and training for workers. The organic farm creates vast amounts of activities for volunteers and people seeking to help and benefit a cause such as the Rainbow Children Home.

Rainbow Children Home Needs Volunteers

Volunteers are seen as the backbone of what really makes Rainbow Children Home successful. For instance, English is taught to the children to help them communicate with more people and apply their skills to their daily lives.

Those who run the Rainbow Children Home genuinely care about the well being of these children, teaching everything they possibly can in order for these children to have better lives. What makes this organization so special is that its all out of serving others with compassion and love.

“The Rainbow Children’s HomeĀ Represents all the important values of this changing world.”

Rainbow Children Home operates entirely on volunteer energy. To learn how you can get involved and help out, check outĀ http://www.nepalorphancare.orgĀ .

Nepali Music by Kutumba and finger-style guitar by Vincent Gauchot. Be sure to check more of the out–they’re fantastic!

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