Hamilton’s Pure Tone Resonant Frequencies

Known as the “love frequency,” 528Hz is said to not only be the home wavelength of the heart, but also the wavelength of the color green, the “miracle note” of the Solfeggio music scale, the code to healing damaged DNA, and also the radio frequency “used in the ULF band used by mine cave communication systems” (no, really). Legendary Dr. Horowitz calls the 528Hz wavelength the “musical mathematical matrix of creation,” while the whole dimension of a concept could proclaim itself to be found lost in the same class of new-age hipster-dom that frequently forgets the whole point of these singing bowl things in the first place: resonance.

Yes, resonance.

Observing a New Dimension of Ourselves

In this world full of impure, dissonant frequencies, we must do what we can to balance out the spectrum with pure tone resonant frequencies…. from re-tuning “A” down to 432 Hz, to stopping the f-bombs flying from our mouths; from relaxing in peaceful nature, to drinking kombucha, et cetera; we’ve all got these things that we know affect us more than others.

Yet still, it’s a concept of which most of us remain unaware.

So that’s why guys like Hamilton Pevec exist on our planet: to help us observe that new dimension of ourselves. To support us in developing a new awareness that opens us up to the love frequency. Here in Pokhara, Nepal, the pure tone resonant frequencies shake up the external shell of self, alongside these pure tone crystal singing bowls vibrating within the walls of Himalayan Yogini.

528Hz: Pure Tone Resonant Frequencies

According to The Mind Unleashed, past spiritual shamans were a part of future civilizations and this whole 528Hz deal was used to make magic happen: “Independently confirmed by researchers, these core creative frequencies were used by ancient priests and healers in advanced civilizations to manifest miracles and produce blessings.” (Important to note that this has been independently confirmed by researchers. I don’t know what this means.)

“528 resolves to a 6, the icon for physical manifestation. That is, 5+2+8=15; and 1+5=6 (using Pythagorean math). The symbol “6” reflects the “spiraling down from heaven into the wholeness of earth.” In fact, the Love frequency can be fundamental to broadcasting all matter and energy into reality according to the laws of physics.”

That’s right folks, you guessed it: 528 is also the number of megabytes I upgraded my first PC computer’s RAM to when I was 13. Or something like that, at least. I would say, despite the sarcasm of which it reeks, that there must be a correspondence to this perspective of science and the measurement of bytes we use in our devices. Maybe I’ll have the chance to ask someone that, some time, somewhere.

See you around the interdimensional spiritsphere, PRCPTION Travelers. Get to know about Hamilton more on his website or Learn more about 528Hz from Dr. Horowitz himself.

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