PT3k: The Lost Boys

In this episode of PERCEPTION TRAVEL 3000, PT3k expresses his interaction with the immense power in this clearing of Tibetan flags, when suddenly him and the gang are interrupted by a pair of wild (and sneaky) cows. PT3k does his best to track down the cows for questioning, but to no avail: “they’re just too fast for us.”

Heading onwards, the group then stumbles upon something they could have never imagined… Just underneath the zipline bungee jump cables live a group of young lads. From his Instagram:

These nomadic boys watch over the village’s local horse pack in the nearby valley. They sleep in a tent and cook rice over a fire, no parents or elder siblings to speak of. They had never taken a selfie before.

Watch on, friends. Watch on.

Shout-out to James Forest and the East Road for creating such beautiful music!

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