PRCPTION Travel is people.

PRCPTION Travel is a non-profit media network that showcases people: their everyday shenanigans, their passions, their projects, their travels, their smiles, their lives.

Why do we do it? To connect ourselves. There is lots of fear, terror, and acting on television, but there is not much genuine, organic human experience.

Who? Where? Anyone and anywhere. There is no discrimination of religion, race, ideologies–nothing. Humans are human.

Positivity Media For A New Generation

Video segments of real-life people living their uncensored lives. Our positivity media is designed to offer its audience a chance to digitally connect with new characters, so we can explore the world around us more comfortably. Our YouTube channel has all of our videos.

Our media content is biased towards positivity and seeing the smiles in each and every person.

Check out our YouTube channel to see all of our videos.