Permablitz Bali Community

Permablitz is a collective gardening community. Beginning in Melbourne, Australia, the concept has launched its way into numerous locations around the globe, including New Zealand, Uganda, Indonesia, the United States, and many more. The purpose of Permablitz is to collectively unite individuals as a group to turn what could normally be a weeks-long project into a task accomplishable in a single weekend. In addition to its focus on gardening and sharing skills related to permaculture and sustainable living, the members of Permablitz endeavor to smile and laugh and share special moments outside with each other.

Changing the World with Sustainable Gardening Practices

Today in Bali, mindless tourism and waste issues are contributing to a severe ecological crisis, and without communities like Permablitz, there would be little hope for the environmental movement to encourage and inspire others. For this Permablitz group in Bali, it is not just a passion, but it is also a mission to save their island home from the destruction caused by senseless tourism.

Community is the Solution

In this PRCPTION Travel short, we speak with Permablitz Bali member Chris of Sanur to ask more about why they do what they do. After learning about the effects of how globalized practices, such as the introduction of packaged foods, directly affect Balinese soils, we spend the afternoon  beginning the installation of a new garden at the Cahaya Mutiara Foundation. It involved a whole lot of cleaning and dirt sifting, but with the communal spirit and the forward-thinking energy of the Permablitz group, anything is possible!

Learn more about the Permablitz movement and how you can start one in your city:


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