PRCPTION Travel has been documenting real-life, smiling people of the world since 2014, so far producing over 150 videos in 16 countries--and guess what? Most of the world is very happy! There’s actually a lot more smiling than all the war, terrorism and fear that TV or social media would have us believe... so why don't we ever hear about it?

Instead of perceiving our view of the world through a corporate filter bubble, what if we started sharing our experiences person-to-person, with pure intentions?

PRCPTION Travel is building a media platform to humanize the communities of our world—to tell the story of our humanity, from the eyes & ears of the people themselves.


Bridging Real-World Activities to Decentralized Applications

By gamifying a reputation token to incentivize the sharing of human experience, PRCPTR0N 2020 empowers individuals to experience the world while enabling communities of any scale to develop their own self-sustainability using media as proof of their activities.

We can multi-sig verify one another anywhere in the world using simple media techniques, and use this to nurture a new understanding of ourselves & co-operativity on this planet.

A “Life” Token System: Keys

WATER [_liquid]


For purchase, donating, and/or staking.
EARTH [_staked]


For kickstarting travel media projects of all scales.
FIRE [_reputationA]


Visual, validated evidence of a real-life experience.
AIR [_reputationB]


For proof of financial or energetic support in some community endeavor.

A Decentralized Platform For Establishing Community With Verified Media

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Community Nodes

Connected individuals may create their own community nodes, in either physical or digital space to act as clusters for intentions, locations, causes, organizations, etc. These collectives act as local hubs for others (collaborators, volunteers, communities) to interact with (networking, voluntourism, co-creation).


Voluntourists, travelers, and tourists alike can locate projects & communities of verified reputation to collaborate with or contribute their energy to–without the friction of uncertainty. Experiences contribute to a user’s reputation keychain while offering a fresh perspective of the world, networking, and even ideas to kickstart new media projects of their own.


A flexible distributed ledger of media participation, PRCPTR0N allows for communities, organizations, NGOs, etc, to prove with whom & on what they have been working. The database will serve as a tool for others to digitally experience other areas of the world in order to bring services, workshops, collaborations, products, etc.

Reputation Keys

Reputation is simple: visual media and written references, created by and for real people of different networks in any language, and verified by the established community members in any given region. A “co-creation” can be as complex as a local digital economy or as simple as cooking a meal together: the point is human connection.


This project has been in the works for a few years now. It wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the natural progression of certain intentions. Our current outreach programs are built-in to the expansion of the PRCPTR0N 2020 platform at the ground level:




  • Research
  • Dev Team
  • NGO & Charity Partnerships
  • app Partnerships

We’ve been following closely the applications developing from blockchain technologies, as well as networking with similar-minded platforms such as villages(.cc) platform, the Global Colab Network, and Montaia as tools for local community building among regions.



  • Exclusive Access for Community Builders
  • Launch Ambassador Program
  • Public Relations Campaign
  • General Public Access



  • Synchronicity

As therapy for his own feeling of purposeless-ness, PRCPTION Travel begins as part of the personal YouTube channel of nomadic @Jayurbzz, wearing a camera on his forehead to quite literally share the perception of his life experience.

  • FORK

Six months and one inspired IndieGoGo campaign later, the production splits into two formats: one about the traveler, and one about the people he meets.



  • Momentum

A team quietly building, we explored real-life community+project fundraising, linking a local community in Nepal to our social media networks in California to sell artisanal jewelry at a price that was win-win-win: the artists had a market, the customers had a good price, and we kept the proceeds to fund the next step of PRCPTION Travel exploring what happens when yoga meets the IT world in Bangalore, India. (still waiting on that final edit)


After a brief attempt at entering the VR/360 video start-up realm as content creators, instead a small neighborhood in Jamaica invited @jayurbzz to come start a music program. Birthed from this trip was the first All One Voice co-creation between American & European DJs with rural Caribbean schoolchildren and the prototype for the UNITYouth summer camps.




We incorporate and receive 501(c)3 public charity status as a non-profit media company.


Focusing heavily on the smiling people in the world, we began extending our arms to inspire & invite others to travel as well. Thus commenced the Adventures initiative (which will become the Ambassadors program).


We also returned to Jamaica to learn more about what will be necessary for getting the UNITYouth outreach program off the ground.

Thanks for your support!

We're definitely trying to get this project started as soon as possible, by following all applicable laws all around the world and following suit as a non-profit public charity.

Any contribution you would like to make at this point, either energetic or financial, is greatly appreciated. Please let us know using this form.

ETH Donations: 0x6217C8BDfC899F3d3b94fE7633B9f35eA99771CE
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