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PRCPTION Adventures” are designed for young people wanting to learn to travel sustainably and affordably, with purpose greater than simply vacation. Along the way, anyone on an adventure with us will learn how to organically document an experience in order to share perception.

Travel plans will vary greatly based on participants and their intentions. We brainstorm with you to make the most efficient “community-building” travel plan with your time frame and budget. We also involve you from the very beginning in researching opportunities and locations at which our combined energy can be offered.

PRCPTION Adventures are documented by participants and they will be required to share their “journey,” both on the inside and out, for themselves and the world.

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From Berlin to Bulgaria with 16-year old Jordan of Dallas, Texas. From backpacking to camping, couchsurfing to Airbnb, music festivals to skillshares, we had a cross-cultural experience of a lifetime.

  • Budgeting
  • Camerawork
  • Community

USA 2016

Kelly joined us on our GTNWACOMF film screening roadtrip around the continental USA, helping plan & artistically decorate events.

  • Event Planning
  • Roadtripping
  • Patience

Jamaica 2015

Jena came with us to detox off her pharmaceutical drug addictions medications. Watch her story here:

  • Health & Nature
  • Voluntourism
  • Culture

Nepal-India 2014

Evelyn joined us as social media director in Bali learning about permaculture, while creating our seminole film project #GTNWACOMF, and then went on to get her Yoga Teacher Training certificate in India, where we began “PRCPTION Travel Goes to India.”

  • Permaculture
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Social Media
  • Camerawork



We plan our Adventures in new places based on your needs: What are you looking to experience, what are you looking to learn?

Let us know a little about your life situation (where it is and where you want it to be), your culture (what’s it like where you’re from?), and your background (finances, family, freedom). What do you hope to learn and what can you gain from an experience like this?

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We want to travel with you probably just as much as you want to travel, so let’s be creative and make this work!