Nifty Earth: Promo Beats

PRCPTION Travel has undergone its first evolution of promotional videos! This has pleasantly coincided with the first evolution of intention: what was once about… is, now. But this fabulous video wouldn’t be without the fabulous soundtrack–so here’s a shout-out to all our favorite promotional video music! Nifty Earth has been rocking not only the interwebs with its digital Equal Plane EP, but it also performs as an eclectic symphony around Athens, Georgia to boot.

Nifty Earth For Nifty Beats

SimbologĂ­a celta: el trisquelAny musical act that has a “goals” section on their website has gotta be pretty cool. Nifty Earth has that:

“Enjoy yourself, express yourself, be yourself… Music is our medium for these beliefs. Experience Nifty Earth and inspire others to follow suit.”

Couldn’t say it better myself. I found the Equal Plane EP via a Reddit post, but you can also stream it on Spotify or Soundcloud if you’re into jamming/driving/rocking out to nifty trip hop beats in the reality you call home.Thanks for your sweet beats, Nifty!

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