Monkey Temple Baba

They call it the Monkey Temple, Swayambhunath Temple. Just outside of Kathmandu, Nepal, it’s full of monkeys, tourists and holy men. Guided once again by Chaitanyashree (whom we have met as a sound healer & orphanage/school sponsor), this visit offers us insights into spiritual wholeness the Monkey Temple Baba way.

When asked what the motif or message of his life is, _____ responded, as translated by Chaitanyashree: “Human body, the human life, is the most powerful and beautiful life. All human beings can use this beautiful opportunity of being human to be conscious and aware of everything that is happening, especially from the heart.”

When the 3 energies–body, mind, heart–are all healthy, then life is more conscious, and life is more aware.

Then ____ offers us a prescription for consciousness and awareness. When we are healthy in our three energies–body, mind, and heart–then life offers us more consciousness and awareness. It is only then that we can offer pure feelings and pure heart.

The Monkey Temple Baba group plays music, with meaning

“The meaning of this song is really beautiful. It is saying that. So unpure, so unpure. The physical body that I have is so unpure. The heart that I have is so unpure. How can I come to you? How can I come to your door? What can I offer to you? The lyrics are about devotion, purity, love. About, what can I give to you? You have given me so many things.”

Good stuff. Learn more about the resonant frequencies that can contribute to this open awareness of body, mind and heart.

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