Mark: Way of a Rasta

Mark reveals to us that a simple life, healthy food, fresh water, and no worries are the factors comprising health. There’s “no problem in Jamaica mon, just live.” Who wouldn’t want to live in a world like this?

Rastafarai in Real Life

When a man who is 40 years old and feels 25 its obvious that he’s doing something right! Mark lives in a small home surrounded by tropical flowers and vibrant green fruit trees containing oranges and tangerines, not far from his home there is sugar cane, coconut trees, pumpkin patches and a fresh water source rid of chemicals. Due to there natural healthy diet, it’s no wonder why everyone in Jamaica lives so long! Mark states that Jamaica is full of lively elderly folk.

Due to media’s portrayal of Rastafari, many people picture the stereotypical local Jamaican to have long dreadlocks and wear colors of yellow, green and red. However, Mark begs to differ as he puts his hand over his heart:

“Its not about the hair, but what’s in here.”

Its all about LOVE. Love is the most important thing and held to a high value, as it should be. Loving your brother, your sister and living to make others happy is the real way of a Rasta.

Watch Jena detox from pharmaceuticals with Mark in part 1 of “Way of a Rasta.”

Come to Jamaica! Learn more about the volunteer opportunities in Mark’s communities and contact Unity Primary School’s principal Pauline Anderson.

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