Lena Rescues a Puppy In India

Meet Lena–a smiling resident of Sweden, a smiling traveler of India! I ran into her in Pokhara, Nepal where I learned the beautiful (tear-provoking), heartfelt story of her puppy rescue in India.

Lena and her Puppy Rescue in India

Lena rescued a street–well, beach–puppy in Goa, India after feeling its pain outside of her guest house for so many days. She nursed it back to health over some time, and later met a family who wanted to take the puppy as their own to grow up with their children. She came back a year later to visit, and the little guy is as strong as ever. Here is her puppy rescue story, as told in the video!

Two years ago, I was in India with my friend. We wanted to see the desert, so we rented scooters and tried to search for it by ourselves. First, we tried to follow a Jeep, but we lost them. We came to a split end. We didn’t know which way to go. I turned left.

I found a puppy. He was all alone. He looked like he had never been drinking [water] in a long time, like a mummified puppy. He was just skin and some bone, all crumpled up. I couldn’t leave him. I had to take him with me. So I took him in my shawl, like a little kangaroo baby. I took away all the fleas, because he had a few, and some tics. And he was really dirty. And then I gave him an egg, a water cookie. That was his diet for days… raw egg and water cookie.

He changed just in a few days, He started to rise up. We also called him Benjamin Button, because he was walking like an old, old man. He walked until he was young in his body again.

We saw on the right road, a car coming. So we stopped the car and asked them, “Where is the desert?” He couldn’t speak English. We followed him for a little bit, and we got to a house.

At the house, a man asked if we needed any help. We asked, “Do you know the way to the desert?”

And he asked, “How much fuel do you have?” We only had 2 liters, so we weren’t able to go to the desert that day.

So instead, my friend asked, “We have to ask them and see how they live. Can we ask them??”

And I said, “Yes, we can ask them, of course. So I did. ‘Can we see how you live?'” We stayed there the whole day, it was so nice. But the man took my number, not a good idea to do.

….So we were in contact, but I didn’t let him know I was in India the second time I went there. So I surprised him.. with this Australian guy. We had a really nice day, and in the end, I told him I had this dog, a puppy, that I rescued in Goa. He looked a little angry at me and said, “Something I don’t like with you. I am angry.”

I said, “What? Why are you angry?”

And he said, “I want to have the puppy. I will take care of it, like my child.”

So I made the decision to take him there, to meet the family. It was nice, but a little uncomfortable to be there by yourself. I left the dog there, the man had my number. So I had to call him every other weekend. So I called and asked him how the puppy was doing. And one time, he was almost killed by a snake or something. He got sick. And one day, he was run over by a jeep, because he was chasing after girls, so I’m told.

If you rescue a little, almost-dead puppy, its so different to see him again, when he’s big. So I had a new dream. He was under my care for ten days. I had to carry him to the restroom when I went to visit them on the farm. He was so happy for me to be back. It felt so good to see that he loved his home.

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