Join Nepal Earthquake Relief Efforts

Things are brief for today’s #SmileLoveBubbles post: the video says it all. If you’re looking for an opportunity to genuinely help the Nepali people after this spring’s devastating earthquake, look no further. We posted a more in-depth video and story about the Permacultourism Initiative two weeks ago; take a chance now to see what you may be able to offer Nepal on its quest for not only rebuilding but for reincarnating.

An opportunity to join Nepal earthquake relief efforts

The Nepal Resilience Project is teaming up with Permacultourism to bring Westerners and global tourists an opportunity to not only learn valuable skill-sets in the area of permaculture and sustainability, but to support the beautiful nation of Nepal in its rebuilding process. Grassroots efforts are not few and far between, however they are more difficult to discover online and, in many cases, trust. Fortunately, the Permacultourism Initiative has a great story and background of working with the Nepalese people.

Supporting you support the community

Participation fees will not only go towards the 3-week hands-on workshops, but local people will be paid good wages to attend the workshops themselves and learn these valuable skills to share with their own local communities.

Learn more on their website:


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