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Joanna Waterfall has spent the last few months gearing up for her second annual “big day.” No, not a wedding, but rather a birthday of her special project: The Yellow Conference. An event birthed through the inspiration from her own heart, the first time through was such a success that it has since split up into monthly gatherings with eyes to expand across the continent (and later the globe).

joanna of yellow conference los angelesI first meet up with her on a muggy Wednesday afternoon to learn a bit about her daily life as freelancing entrepreneur: she’s not quite a digital nomad, but her local’s lifestyle is very similar. We stop for coffee on the way to her studio: she could never get into espresso so she still sticks with milk & sugar. Staring off at Burbank’s morning coffee patrons, we chat about the idiosyncrasies of a society based on money and what that means to the creative types.

Her studio is as bright as her personality. Light pours in through downtown Burbank as she sets up her computer, takes a phone call from one of this year’s speakers. She tells us a little about the project’s Kickstarter campaign earlier in the year:

“Since we’re all about inspiring creative women, we’re encouraging taking risks. So we were able to take the [failed project] and say ‘Hey, that’s OK! We’re here, we’re going to keep moving forward. Failure doesn’t define who you are, you can expand from it!'”

The Yellow Conference

On August 27 and 28th, The Yellow Conference goes live in downtown Los Angeles with included online streaming for subscribers. With a 300-participant registration, it has doubled its numbers since last year–not bad! The Yellow Conference focuses its presentations for the women who have broken out of the mold, life entrepreneurs that have come to the realization that they were meant for something much greater than the status quo presented before them.

“This conference was created for you. The women who know that they were built for a greater purpose. The earth shakers and ground movers. Come learn from like minded individuals who are out there making a difference, and learn how you too can do the same. Come to get inspired and leave with practical advice on how to make your dreams a reality as a woman living in today’s modern world.”


In the last year since the first conference, #BloomYellow has become synonymous with the shining spirit of inspiration, creativity and empowerment. The Yellow Conference team in Burbank has been busy with not only their monthly #BloomGathering but also keeping constant updates on social media to continue encouraging young women to follow their passions and unleash the free spirit within. Due to what I believe to be in large part Joanna’s inspiring spirit, The Yellow Conference has amassed a very passionate following. The concept is one any person can get behind, to help support the people they love in life.

“When we’re working towards something bigger, when we’re working towards a greater purpose, that’s when we as people can come alive and bloom.”

Expanding The Yellow Conference

“One day I would love to take the conference on a world tour,” Joanna explains over Indian buffet at lunch. “Do pop-up conferences all over the globe!” As female entrepreneurship is on the rise in new spots on the globe, this could be not only a very lucrative concept for the future of The Yellow Conference, but a very empowering idea for individuals. Empowerment is what helps people break out of their shells, discover their passions and follow their hearts. If that doesn’t contribute to more joy across the globe, I don’t know what does.

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