Djuka’s Farmer’s Yard in Bali

Farmer’s Yard is a sustainable permaculture project in the surfing neighborhood of Canggu, Bali, Indonesia. Ready to make a positive impact in the face of the mindless tourism afflicting the beautiful island of Bali, Djuka started the Farmer’s Yard to help travelers integrate themselves with local people, foods, and arts in a more sustainable and enriching way.

Permaculture For Mending Destruction of Tourism

The project’s main goal is to share knowledge and experience with not only travelers, but locals as well. How can we work harmoniously with the earth, and with ourselves as locals and foreigners alike? Farmer’s Yard hosts workshops for school children, local families and travelers.

In our month-long stay with Djuka, we learned what it means to be a mindful traveler, especially within the island vacation paradises of the world, which also host delicately evolved ecosystems. By composting, recycling, and growing local foods, visitors to the Yard leave minimal footprints, preventing their contributing to further the destruction of the island. Djuka and the Farmer’s Yard offer permaculture workshops alongside the communities strewn about southern Bali–not to mention the whole gang is an absolute blast to spend time with.

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