U.N.I.T.Youth Workshops

U.N.I.T.Youth Workshops are 3-4 week programs designed to encourage children to work together at a young age. This is accomplished on the individual scale with yoga & meditation exercises; on the group scale with the digital production of creative projects; and on the collective scale with permaculture gardening & lessons on physical health. Please stay informed on this page to see our progress in creating the first iteration of this outreach program.

Jamaica: The Prototype


preliminary exploration


  • Student Potential
  • Music & Video
  • Meditation
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field research


  • Accommodation
  • Transportation
  • Team & Resources
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concluding documentary


  • Results
  • Testimonies
  • Media Products
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This project was thought of in 2015 when PRCPTION Travel’s founder was teaching music in rural Jamaica. The children had so much talent but so little support or inspiration–so he wrote & recorded a music album with them:


phase 2

We will be introducing yoga, cooperative digital storytelling, and permaculture gardening to the children of Bunker’s Hill, Jamaica so they can practice working together towards common goals.

Download the official grant proposal (PDF,1.5mb) or take a moment to read it online.

the bigger vision

By learning the benefits of focus and flexibility, children can be in contact with their unique potential. By using the internet to communicate, collaborate and share their artistic projects online, children can feel empowered to have a stronger voice in today’s world. By experiencing the importance of health and sustainable food production, children can comprehend long-term goals for a larger collective.

This will eventually transform into an integral part of the PRCPTR0N 2020 Project.

“By exposing ourselves to ourselves, we connect.”and this is how we connect globally.


The primary objective is to empower students to feel that they have the potential to use their imaginations for good, knowing what they create can change the world. Byproducts of this objective include:

  1. To strengthen local economies with talent otherwise unavailable by improving the local workforce in the realms of digital media and online applications.
  2. To introduce students to life modalities that can affect their entire community on the short and long-term scale (creativity, health, technology).
  3. To teach an effective process for sharing a message (intention, format, medium, presentation) and gauge its effectiveness by online feedback (comments, shares).
  4. To offer exposure of the tools available online for students to continue learning.
  5. To encourage children to always continue improving and share what they learn so their country can prosper with new talented artists, musicians and storytellers.
  6. To create a documentative film of this inspirational education program.

Thank you! Cheers! Namaste! Aloha! Merci! Respect!