Christina is Around The World In Healthy Ways

On-The-Road Travel Health

#SmileLoveBubbles is happy to introduce Christina Pistone. As a flight attendant and nutritionist, Christina is always Around The World In Healthy Ways, savoring a fruitful life of variety and wellness, while also paying attention to her travel health. Anyone who has the pleasure to be graced with her presence–digitally or otherwise–will notice her centered and pleasant demeanor: she loves laughing as much as she loves Cafe Gratitude–both locations! She is happy.

If you’re not loving yourself, then you can’t love others.

According to Christina, happiness starts with self-love and self-care. Taking care of your vessel, your body, is an essential foundation for self-care, and thus, happiness. “The detoxification part of it is just the physical side,” Christina explains. “And that brings about all these other amazing benefits. If you’re not loving yourself, then you can’t love others. It all starts with you. You are the foundation of that love, and then it can be sent outwards.” This explains why she pays such close attention to her on-the-road wellness; her travel health determines the positivity in her relationship with daily life.

A healthy world is a happy world.

While soaking up the delightful Vitamin D, Christina becomes momentarily perturbed by a low-flying helicopter, but is quickly back to normal. Her concern for people’s happiness within themselves doesn’t end with inner peace and health, though. “It really all starts with you and how you take care of yourself. That reflects how you take care of other people, and how you treat other people. And that’s really important. I think the world needs that, especially now.

Help the world make happiness, peace, and #SmileLoveBubbles by learning her travel health tips today on her blog or Facebook page.


Meanwhile, let’s not forget about the Rossi Gang! Creating the musical element of this video’s dynamic juxtaposition, this “grease” jazz from Vancouver is tearing up the new generation of live music (they’re 20 years old, for crying out loud!). We’ll do a real piece on them soon–but for now, check out their music on the internets! You won’t be disappointed.

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