Bua the Apple Man

When someone has a pure, do-good, happy spirit, you can tell. You can just tell. That’s what attracted us to Bua, a horticulturist-turned-permaculturist in Nepal. He is a fascinating man, brimming with wise words, compelling stories, and cultural significance. After studying agriculture in India, he continued his journey in Europe, mainly the Netherlands.

The Face Behind Apples in Nepal

A normal, friendly old man to the rest of the world, Bua is actually a legend known to a select few as The Apple Man. This jovial nickname was earned by his very important place in Nepalese agricultural history: he introduced the apple to the region! Among many more fruits and nuts, Bua helped diversify the local crops.

In this episode, we share a lighthearted boat ride with The Apple Man across the lake in Pokhara, Nepal. Accompanied by Lena and Brandon of Permacultourism under the Nepali sunshine, stories are told and laughs are shared, mostly inspired by Bua’s lively and apparent charm.

A Traveled Man, The Apple Man

Bua tells us all about his rich past: about his five-day walks from Mustang to Kathmandu, about the many girls who are loving him, and his children. Most poignantly, though, Bua mentions and highlights all the different variations of love we experience as humans. “We can categorize love,” he unabashedly teaches us.

Besides his daily bananas, maybe this philosophy is what lets Bua be so free. By categorizing love into types, we feel more liberated to allow love into our lives every day, in its many different forms. Accompanied by his heartwarming smile and age-old expressions (“Money, money, sweeter than honey”), Bua helps us understand how to celebrate love in its multiple shapes.

We could definitely learn a few things from the Apple Man, and not just about permaculture.


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