Bua’s Advice To The Youth

In a stroke of pleasurable luck, today we are fortunate enough to experience the wise words of Apple Man Bua of Mustang, Nepal, a delightful human with whom we visited in a previous episode.

This time, we ask from Bua some advice for young people. In case its difficult to catch during your first few watches, here are a couple ageless phrases that he truly believes that, in practice, are potent with wisdom and good fortune:

“Time and tide wait for no man.”

Let’s be real… this is an honest and fancy way to say #YOLO. If you don’t seize an available opportunity, it may not come around for you again. You only live once.

“Three bananas a day, the doctor keeps away. One apple a day, the doctor keeps away.”

Bua isn’t called the Apple Man merely because he introduced the crop to Nepal; he also believes in their healing qualities and their healthful benefits–bananas, too. Perhaps we can rename him Bua the High-Vibrational Foods Man.

“You should be healthy, wealthy, and wise.”

Bua explains to us young folks that we should learn outside from the world, and then come inward to apply it to ourselves. It is then that an individual is no longer dependent on others.

Bua the Happy Apple Man is inarguably magnetic to watch, listen to, and learn from. Whether its due to his simply being a cute old man, or its the manner in which he waves that banana peel around, or its the way each word in a sentence is sewn together with a “huh” noise, or simply his enlightened point of view on life, we are happy to feature him in more than one episode… perhaps with more to come.

Until next time, PRCPTION Travelers. Remember to give love to the cat, and give love to the dog.

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