Users- Explore Movements, Causes, and Locations [Roll Out (3/4)]

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Last time, we discussed the Perceptions.Live functionality for Groups & Community Visualization. This week we will peer into the benefits and capabilities of the standard user browsing the platform. Phase 1: “Roll Out” C. Users- Browse Movements, Causes, and Locations What it is: Let’s not forget the outside world! People everywhere in our fragmented civilization are searching for their kin, in some form or another. We are trying to build a very broad and autonomous media platform that facilitates the connection of like-minded individuals and communities through creative collaboration. For this reason, the Perceptions.Live homepage will be a hub for all networks that the platform currently serves. With advanced search capabilities, users can explore new ways of living, eco-sustainability techniques, opportunities for collaboration, and much much more–or simply, browse around a map of the globe and learn something new. Sustainability: Until video playback can be decentralized, for now we will focus … Read More

A Musical Duo, A Community Hub, and A Colorful New Website!

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Happy new moon! I normally release these posts around the full moon (just in case you hadn’t noticed :D), but this time around the flow of things needed time to catch up. And how glad I am that they did! Today I want to share with you several aspects of how the PRCPTION Travel vision ties together. Musicians & Artists It was exciting to get back into documenting talented musicians. This traveling Argentine couple came along and their celestial Andean music is just irresistible. From intense Yage ceremonies to simple afternoon jam sessions, it was a magical week of inspiration from these two at the Finca Del Origen in the Sierra Nevada mountains in Colombia. And now, they have a video to help find them gigs and opportunities in their travels! What if it were this easy for non-filmmakers to support artists and musicians? Community Centers This is an older … Read More

Features of a Cooperative Social Network

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For over a year now, our brainstorming innovations trio has been studying and abstractly designing a method for people to collaborate, create, and distribute authentic “smiling people” media. From a systems standpoint, the primary purpose of this media would be to act as information: of people, of locations, of experiences, of stories. This is obviously a complicated endeavor for many reasons. Decentralized innovations such as Bitcoin and Ethereum (blockchain technologies) have been inspirational in the brainstorm, as well as taking what we learn from existing “past paradigm” platforms like Facebook or Instagram, which a majority of social users still use. “Social network” was never really our preferred term for what we were working on, but as the project begins to take shape we are seeing that this is very much what the PRCPTION Travel vision is designed to be–a cooperative social network. Cooperative Social Networking So what are the features … Read More