Encouraging experience of the world: share resources, explore travel opportunities, and co-create projects globally.

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decentralized, gamified, incentivized, FUN social media to humanize our communities around the world

“developing the human narrative”

connect with people, communities, and intentions around the globe

and create, collaborate, and celebrate together.

Get Rewarded For Sharing Perception

Create your keychain to start sending & receiving PRCPTR0Ns.


Upload your footage into the formatting editor to receive PRCPTR0N.


Watch the shared perception of users outside of your bubbles and receive PRCPTR0N.

Send & Receive

Send & Receive PRCPTR0N around the world to connect with others, co-create projects, and inspire opportunities.

How It Works
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Into decentralized systems & blockchain technology?

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Experience the World Experiencing Itself, Together


Watch or share the perception of real-life people & future friends.


Connect with communities & causes around the globe.


Learn about global experiences for volunteering, collaborating, and co-creating.


Core Team

Jordan Urbanovich

Jordan Urbanovich Chief YOLO-er

Matt Terwall

Matt Terwall Chief of Dolla Bills

John Hanacek

John Hanacek Senior Paradigms Designer

John Scalia Jr.

John Scalia Jr. Future Directives Producer


Needs Your Support!

A non-profit 501(c)3 public charity, we have spent the last several years creating the framework to make this dream a reality. Now we need your support!

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Join thousands of satisfied customers using our template globally.


With PRCPTR0N, I can share my JOY at the progress made by my vocal students! And they can be heard by the right people along the way!


Rene Urbanovich



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