Ben & Krisna’s Anna Purna Restaurant in Bali

Our first evening at the Anna Purna community house and donation-based restaurant in Sanur, Bali was ripe with an all-night jam session, an open buffet of organic, MSG-free vegetarian Indonesian cuisine, fresh jamu (turmeric, lime, tamarind and brown sugar), and a whole establishment worth of smiles and strangers sitting together.

Speaking with Ben, its founder, he told us a bit about his philosophy of love, community, and respect for the earth, the embodiment of these values acting as Anna Purna’s intention to help spread awareness of the issues afflicting Bali in the present day.

Destructive Tourism in Bali

Bali, Indonesia currently suffers from destructive tourism, seen from many angles and experienced in many ways. as one way to put it. When once it may have been a beautiful island paradise, rich in culture, cuisine and heritage, now what most visitors see is a polluted hotel, bar and shopping land littered with little slopes of sand leading into the Australian surfer-infested waters. Still a nice place, but blatantly clear that if nothing changes, this place may as well sink into the ocean before its contemporary, Western-influenced culture implodes on itself.

Organizations like Anna Purna pour their souls into helping remedy this impending doom surrounding the destructive tourism in Bali. Helping spread awareness about compost and responsible dispose of waste, how a healthy diet leads to a healthy life, and spreading good vibes through the arts.

Community Gathering in Sanur

In the comfy space of Sanur, Bali, we  spent a lot more time with the Anna Purna gang over the weeks. We learned a lot by getting to know its organic garden, its staff and the various events happening through the week. From fresh meals available for tourists and locals alike, to communal music improv over visual artistic expression, it always vibes like a festive party in there. And from Balinese dancing to the highest speed free WiFi in town, this place has a knack for bringing you in and making you welcome–and not in a pseudo, “we say we’re about love but we still just want your money” way, either. No, the folks will stop and talk with you, genuinely curious about your life, and friends will be made so naturally you won’t even realize it.

It was a blast working with them on this video to spread for their future online crowdfunding project.