Sharing global stories, editing your uplifting footage.

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We create inspiring and uplifting media from your footage.

We serve communities, brands, and individuals who share the values of ethical, regenerative, and intentional business practices. Our services are based on the value4value ethos, because your uplifting stories deserve to be shared.

Check out our YouTube channel and help us get monetized by watching some videos.

Submit Your Footage and Ideas

Send us your footage (smartphone, camera, drone, whatever) and we’ll work with you to tell an engaging story with a call-to-action (if necessary). Here is some previous work:

Our Story

Since 2014, we’ve helped produce over 100 "smiling media" videos in 15+ countries on our YouTube channel. In that time we’ve discovered that anyone with a smartphone can be the filmmaker, but not everyone is ready to work on their footage and edit it into something digestible. We tried to be a 501(c)3 non-profit but it just wasn’t cool.

Profit-motivated media manipulate the stories of our world. We believe that working together to share powerful stories can enhance our perception of other people, cultures, and efforts to make the world a better place… so that’s why we want to help you edit your video.

We also tried building a FOSS, PHP-based media networking platform, but ran out of steam. If you’re curious to help us haul it back onto the rails, let us know.

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To talk projects, sponsorships, or something else, find us by email: hello [at]