Travels of Perception

“By exposing ourselves to ourselves, we connect.”

And that’s why we use media to share the world’s people: it’s how we come together in community to work towards something greater than ourselves and contribute to the collective.

Subjects of focus include human-earth-technology ecosystems, personal self-development, and the transformation of society with education, creativity & health.

To promote harmonious interaction in our globalizing world, we use smiling faces and real-life scenes to contrast the perspectives of and combat the effects of typical mainstream media that promote destructive tourism, unconscious consumerism, and a competition-based status quo. (That’s right folks, we’re hippies.)

PRCPTION is actually an anagram!


…because we’re all different beings in this dimension. We can assume only nothing, so why not expand our perspective to make this life a little more interesting?

Exposing the happiness within to allow compassion and empathy to flow and be shared.

Through the expansion of perception do we learn to experience pure passion and use it to truly live life.

Because these two words are what made the most sense for the end of the acronym. It makes sense.

Intention: Perspective

towards another option. Within the box of culture are we often blinded to other possibility–yet as insightful and creative creatures, often all it may take is a single image to blossom the petals of imagination, one passion-soaked voice to unfold the layers of heart and mind in union…

Through: compassion

do human beings learn. Unfortunately, sometimes we don’t always recognize the opportunity. PRCPTION Travel offers it with visual esoterica, audible surprises, and philosophical dissonance: question everything, and cherish the internal reformation process with a smile.