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producing media, fostering education, and innovating digital solutions as provisions for building community around the world.

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present a side of the world that is not seen by mainstream media: the smiling faces of the world’s real-life people. Normal people following their passions, collaborating with one another, and developing a more sustainable, efficient, and practical future.



is a podcast designed to encourage and enliven listeners into building community in their own life, often live-streamed to encourage interactivity.

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  • S01E01 The Nature and Construction of Communities (From Experience)
    West Point graduate John Scalia, Jr. and PRCPTION Travel founder Jordan Urbanovich sit down in the suburbs of Los Angeles to discuss their experiential perspective on the nature and construction of communities, large and small, relative and absolute, material...
  • S01E02: Individuals in Community
    Lindsey and Jordan discuss the implications and importance of individuals and individuality in community existence. Working, traveling, diet, yoga, routine, roommates, and the overall nature of interacting with others. Live from Portland, Oregon. "Individuals existing in community is not easy,...

All One Voice is a project seeking to link cultures through global musical collaboration, sharing the voices and talents of the unheard part of our human family. We share recordings of singers & musicians across the globe with producers who turn those rough sketches into fully produced songs. Give it a quick listen:


U.N.I.T.Youth Workshops

Our incubating initiative of 3-4 week programs designed to encourage children to work together from a young age: yoga & meditation exercises; digital production of creative projects; and permaculture gardening.

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Current Projects

#GTNWACOMF Tour (film) USA

Permacultourism (web series) Nepal

Unity Primary (creativity program) Jamaica

Grow Paradise (permaculture) Hawaii

“IT’S THE SMILES, NOT THE FEAR!”the not-so-mainstream media